More than five years after Kiversal was founded, 2019 marked a turning point for our company. Here are the reasons why:

Landmark events for Kiversal in 2019

2019 was a year of changes at Kiversal, beginning with the market launch of Audixi 10. Later, our company was awarded SME Instrument Phase 1 funding by the European Commission, we relocated to new headquarters and also attended the top medical trade fairs, to name a few of the important events that took place.

The Audixi 10 smart audiometer was launched to market

The first quarter of 2019 saw the market launch of our Audixi 10 digital audiometer that incorporates IoT (Internet of Things) technology applied to hearing health. This device employs USB and internet connectivity to export data quickly and easily with other devices or using Kiversal’s cloud-based KiCloud system.

Audixi 10, el audiómetro inteligente y conectado a Internet de Kiversal

We relocated to new offices

2019 was also the year that Kiversal ventured out on its own. We had been sharing premises at the Glòries Incubator since the company was founded five years ago, the maximum length of time that Barcelona Activa offers startups support in the form of office space. Now, our offices are at Carrer d’Àvila 50 in Barcelona’s 22@ district. Our neighbours at Barcelona Activa, Dycare, have embarked on this new adventure with us, and the new location offers more floorspace and natural light. This change of premises has also marked the beginning of a new era for Kiversal.

Offices Kiversal

We received SME Instrument Phase 1 funding under the Horizon 2020 programme

Another great piece of news at the close of the year was being awarded SME Instrument Phase 1 funding for the KiCloud system. Our cloud-based system will be assessed over the next 6 months in order to guarantee its commercial success by means of a feasibility plan. This programme is complemented with a sales plan and exploitation strategy that will mark the way forward in the development and commercialization of KiCloud.

KiCloud System Kiversal

We attended important sector trade fairs

Over this past year, Kiversal has continued to attend healthcare trade fairs with the goal of gaining notoriety in the international market.

Our first fair of 2019 was 4 Years from Now (4YFN), the startup event sponsored by the Mobile World Congress. Barcelona City Council offered us the opportunity to attend the congress in the framework of the community of businesses at Barcelona Activa. Attending this fair, at which the Internet of Things was the clear protagonist, proved to be a great business opportunity.

MEDICA, the world’s biggest annual medical technology trade fair, took place in November. Our company attended the event for the third year running with FENIN, the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies, along with 27 businesses in the Spanish pavilion. Over the four days of the event, more than 120,000 visitors had the opportunity to visit the Kiversal stand and see the Audixi 10 smart audiometer, which was available for purchase at the stand for the first time, alongside other items of ENT and audiology equipment in the company’s catalogue.

Piedad Díez and José María Plana - Kiversal

This type of trade fair is a fantastic platform for creating contacts with possible distributors and suppliers, in addition to being a meeting point for companies in the sector at which information on the latest advances in innovation and usability is gathered and shared.

We closed significant trade agreements

The launch of Audixi 10 led to the signing of several trade and distribution agreements with different countries in Europe, such as Germany, France, Italy and Poland, but also opportunities for Kiversal’s internationalization in India, Malaysia and Burundi and a recent agreement reached with a distributor in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

New challenges for 2020

We are excited about going into 2020 and hope to continue to see our efforts being rewarded. Kiversal will also be attending several medical trade fairs and congresses in 2020: Arab Health 2020, MEDICA 2020, EUHA Congress 2020 Hannover and the XVII National Congress of the Spanish Association of Audiology.

We are also working to further our expansion in the international market by finding  new distributors in northern Europe, Mexico, Colombia and Pakistan.

Keep an eye on the Kiversal blog to read about future events and keep up to date with the company’s latest news.