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Pediatric audiology

How VRA technology improves the diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems in children

In this article, we will discuss pediatric audiology and the importance of early detection of hearing problems in children. Additionally, we will focus on visual reinforcement audiometry (VRA) technology and how this tool can improve the diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems in children.

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System integration

System integration simplifies and automates processes that were previously complex.

When we talk about process integration, in particular, we refer to the action of simplifying processes in order to reduce the amount of time spent, and therefore improve decision making.

To achive this, information management systems must be interoperable, being able to transmit, collect, combine and consolidate all types of data residing in different sources and provide a unified view of the data and transforming it into information.

Data and systems integration will allow us to have them available in different devices thanks to data networks, including the Internet.

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Forget about calibrating your audiometer

You are probably tired of stopping the activity of your hearing center for performing the annual calibration of the audiometer. If you think the only possible solution to this problem is having one spare audiometer, continue reading: this article will interest you!

Audixi 10, KIVERSAL’S smart audiometer, allows you to be operational 100% of the time, avoiding waitings and standstill. But, how?

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