You are probably tired of stopping the activity of your hearing center for performing the annual calibration of the audiometer. If you think the only possible solution to this problem is having one spare audiometer, continue reading: this article will interest you!

Audixi 10, KIVERSAL’S smart audiometer, allows you to be operational 100% of the time, avoiding waitings and standstill. But, how?

Conventional calibration

Audiometer’s calibration is needed in order to guarantee the quality of diagnosis in time. To recalibrate a conventional audiometer is necessary sending the audiometer to the calibration laboratory or sending a technician with the required instruments: laboratory sound level meter (Class 1) with its microphones, artificial ear and artificial mastoid.

Kiversal calibration: remote and instant

Kiversal offers an innovative, patented calibration system, that eases and cuts maintenance costs of the audiometer, with the possibility of managing and calibrating Audixi 10 remotely and instantly.

For the first time you can have an audiometer in which it is possible to calibrate and verify separately the functioning of transducers (airway headphones, bone vibrator, insert-earphones and high frequency headset) and the functioning of the audiometer.

Transducers are calibrated independently of the audiometers, allowing to share and exchange transducers among different audiometers of Kiversal.

How does Calibration works in Kiversal audiometers?

In conventional audiometers, metrological chain is composed by the audiometer (generator of audio electrical signals) and the transducers (transforming electrical signal into pressure signals or sound force). It is adjusted in one go, that is to say, just one unique measure is performed for each type of transducer and frequency. All information is saved in the audiometer.

Graphic representation of how Calibration works in Kiversal audiometers.

Nevertheless, in Kiversal’s smart audiometers, Audixi 10, metrological chain is divided in 2 parts and each one (audiometer and transducer) stores its corresponding information. Once the audiometer detect a new transducer connection, it reads its memory chip and autofit the sum of both calibrations.

In the production of the Audiometers Kiversal both parts are calibrated and the system is checked globally.

Benefits of Kiversal Calibration

The 4 benefits of calibration system of Kiversal’s audiometers are:

1. Transducers can be shared among audiometers.

2. Stoppage times of the audiometers’ usage are eliminated due to external calibration or calibration services in situ.

3. Maintenance and technicians travel costs are reduced.

4. Calibration management by clients can be eliminated using the calibration service of Kiversal.

For example, bone vibrators could be used in different audiometers as long as all of them are from the brand KIVERSAL. Thanks to plug&play system, the audiometer will recognise the introduced transducer and will automatically adjust to its acoustic calibration.

By separating the acoustic calibration of transducers from the audiometer calibration, the system can be recalibrated simply by interchanging transducers with the expired calibration with the ones already calibrated and executing the automatic verification of the audiometer.

Kiversal’s calibration method reduce maintenance costs:

• You will have your audiometer functioning saving you from acquiring an spare one when you send it to calibrate.

• Maintenance time required, if you would have to send to calibrate the audiometer and its transducers to a calibration laboratory.

Finally, our calibration laboratory, or our official distributors’ laboratory, have an optimum calibration system for our transducers with calibration laboratory’s own guarantees of the manufacturer.

By using Kiversal’s calibration service with our audiometers you will be able to forget about managing calibrations. We manage the replacement of the transducers with the expired calibration for another ones freshly calibrated. Avoiding to send technicians, or audiometers’ movements from your center. Forget about the maintenance and calibtration of your audiometers with Audixi 10 digital audiometers. Feel free to contact us for further information.