What is the first thing you look for when buying a new audiometer?

Are you thinking long-term? When will your device reach obsolescence? If you want to maximize the life of your audiometer before you make a decision…. stay tuned, we’ve written this article for you!

How long can audiometers last today, have you ever thought about it? In the best case, what do they promise us, between 7 and 10 years? It will all depend on the brand, the model, the materials, the evolution of technology…. Depending on that, they will tell you one figure or another. Approximate, of course. But… what if I tell you that we can increase those years and thus maximize the lifetime of your audiometer?

Tips to maximize the life of your audiometer

Extending the estimated lifetime of your audiometer is possible by following these tips:

Turn the device off during the night: let it rest. You can turn it off at the end of the working day. It does not need to be on all day or connected to the power supply. However, leave it plugged in overnight (if it has a battery) so that it will be operational the next day.

– Regularly clean and disinfect cables, pads and casing. Maintaining a minimum of cleanliness on the device and accessories is essential.

Leave accessories permanently connected to minimize stress on the connection. Accessories such as transducers and the pulsator should always be left connected, unless you want to transport the device. In that case after each use we would pick up each of the accessories and store them carefully in the carrying bag.

Never drop or put together the headphones and the bone vibrator. It is very important to keep this point in mind, otherwise they will need to be recalibrated.

– Avoid bending any of the cables sharply. The cables are very sensitive, so we should try to keep them tidy and tidy, so that they do not get tangled with each other or bend excessively.

It may seem like common sense advice, but… do you really follow it all to the letter? We strongly recommend that from now on you adapt these habits when you are going to use your audiometer.

Cleaning the audiometer

In addition, to maximize the life of the audiometer it is essential to do a proper cleaning as indicated by the manufacturer, following all its indications. For example, in the case of the Kiversal Audixi 10 audiometer we should do it in the following way:

  • Disconnect the power cord from the mains before carrying out any cleaning operation!
  • Use a soft cloth dampened with a little warm water and soap.
  • To avoid infections: disinfect the device and earphones with alcohol (especially in times of Covid, we must emphasize this point, it is essential to disinfect the device very well after each use).
  • Remove the ear cushions from the earphones before cleaning them. Pull them gently. To mount them, press them on the earphone. We must make sure that they fit correctly.

External factors

By following all these suggestions we will maximize the lifetime of our audiometer. Even so, we must take into account different external factors that will influence the useful life of the device. For example:

  • Materials used in its manufacture.
  • Environmental conditions of the room in which the device is located: temperature, humidity, …
  • Technological advances of the device
  • Volume of daily activity in the center.


That said, we recommend that before making a purchase decision you take a look at this article, where we discuss what criteria we should follow when choosing our next digital audiometer.

By taking these factors into account and following the tips listed, you will maximize the lifetime of your new audiometer.

Did you know these recommendations? What do you do to extend the life of your device? Tell us about them! We’ll read you in the comments.