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Kiversal at Medica 2022, the international fair

Last November we had the great privilege to attend Medica under the pavilion of the European Innovation Council (EIC). The 53rd edition of the largest international trade fair for medical technology and products took place from 14 to 17 November in Düsseldorf (Germany).


Medica is a global benchmark event held annually at the Messe Exhibition venue in the above mentioned city. Where professionals from the sector meet to share information, discuss and provide answers on various areas of the medical industry. It is the perfect opportunity to learn about the latest technology in the medical field, a chance to meet with leading experts.

The more than 81,000 visitors had the opportunity to discover 5,000 exhibitors from different fields of medicine (electromedicine, medical technology, diagnostic specialists, physiotherapy, information technology, etc.) and different nationalities (70 countries).

Teleaudiometry demo
Teleaudiometry demo


Excited, as if it were our first time at Medica, we flew to Germany. However, we are already repeat users. You can take a look at our experience at previous editions (2017, 2018, 2019), where we presented Audixi10 – our fully connected digital smart audiometer – for the first time.

Medica was the ideal platform to present and showcase for the first time our latest innovative technology: tele-audiometry. We showed the specialised public the advantages and benefits of remote audiometry over conventional audiometry for both the professional and the patient. We carried out live demonstrations in situ to show how this new technology works.

“We have detected a good fit between our product and telemedicine systems, our connectivity with Internet protocols natively facilitates the connection with any computer system. “

José María plana (Ceo)-
Meeting distributors at Medica
Meeting distributors at Medica


Thanks to this cutting-edge technology and our vision for the future we managed to be selected by the EIC as one of the 20 most cutting-edge start-ups in Europe to champion innovation in the European pavilion.

We are very grateful to the EIC for recognising our perseverance and the hard work behind our technology. We were proud to share the pavilion with 19 outstanding companies from across Europe (including Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Germany, the UK, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal and Austria).

"The EIC pavilion shone at this year's show, showcasing the latest developments in digital care, innovative substances, imaging, diagnostics, IT systems and more." - Marco Bridgford.
Eu at Medica 2022
EUeic at Medica 2022

We would like to highlight how beneficial this edition of Medica has been thanks to the advice at all times from EIC staff, as well as the tools provided by the fair itself. We have been able to contact, prior to Medica, with professionals in the sector so that the four days of the fair were productive and we received visits from distributors, consultants, potential customers and service companies.

Our participation in the European Innovation Council pavilion has made the difference. Not only those interested in audiology came to see us, but also those looking for our remote audiometry project. The feedback has been very good.”

Piedad Díez (CFO)-

Our impressions

As the director of Medica points out: Cooperation and communication are the driving forces of the sector”. And that is how we see the Medica fair: a great opportunity for negotiation, marketing and cooperation. As well as the great possibility to access new markets of different nationalities. For us it has become the must-attend event of the year: a great experience for networking and forging potential partnerships.

So … See you next year, Medica!

If you were also at Medica, tell us your impressions. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you want to find out more and experience live remote audiometry, we look forward to seeing you all at the EU pavilion at the ArabHealth Fair in Dubai from 30 January to 2 February 2023.

See you again next year, Medica 2023
So… See you next year, Medica!


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    Medica is an international trade fair for the medical industry that takes place annually in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is considered to be the world’s largest event for the medical sector, with over 5,500 exhibitors from around 70 countries showcasing their products and services to an audience of approximately 120,000 visitors.
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