For the first time ever, Kiversal took part in 4 Years For Now, the leading industry event for startups held in February within the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2019.

2019: A recording-breaking year for Mobile World Congress and 4YFN

Once again, the number of visitors to Barcelona’s most important trade fair increased this year. Under the slogan “Intelligent Connectivity”, this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress attracted 109,000 visitors from more than 200 countries, who flocked to gain first-hand insight into the latest trends in the sector and the novelties being developed by tech corporations.

This success was not limited to MWC 2019: its sister event, 4 Years from Now (4YFN), gathered some 23,000 visitors, a 13% increase on the previous year.

Unlike previous editions, this year’s 4YFN was organised by the GSMA, the tech sector industry association that is responsible for the Mobile World Congress. As a result, this edition saw a greater presence of major corporations alongside the 700 local startup companies.

A positive experience for Kiversal at 4YFN 2019

Barcelona City Council offered 20 startups in the Barcelona Activa business community the opportunity to attend the 4YFN event, with the aim of boosting their business activity and, at the same time, allowing them to gain presence in the national and international markets. Kiversal was one of the projects selected:

¡Primer día del #4YFN19! Una jornada repleta de networking con futuros inversores, expositores, distribuidores y organizaciones. ¡Gracias por el “Pitch to the Press”?con medios nacionales e internacionales!

¡Nos vemos de nuevo mañana!? Stand #Kiversal: R3.10 del Hall M8— Kiversal (@kiversal) 25 de febrero de 2019

This year, the IoT or Internet of Things was one of the focus themes at the 4YFN event, meaning that Kiversal’s IoT-based medical solutions raised great interest among visitors to the event and caught the attention of several media outlets, which highlighted Kiversal’s IoT audiometer as one of the most innovative products in this year’s edition.

For Kiversal, exhibiting at 4YFN 2019 was a fantastic business opportunity: “This event has by far exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality and quantity of visitors. We have met a lot of people, had meetings with investors, potential partners and the media. We have also been visited by potential clients and distributors who were interested in the innovations we were presenting,” stated company CFO Piedad Díez, after the event.

Moreover, one of the aspects that gained the most attention from visitors was the fact that IoT protocols connect the audiometer to the cloud. José Mª Plana, co-founder of Kiversal, added that “The novelties we have presented have raised a lot of interest and are an improvement on existing solutions: it is now a smart audiometer that can be connected to IT systems in medical centres with ease. Moreover, we have received good feedback on KI Cloud, the new project that involves a centralised cloud-based platform for managing medical devices and data.”

Finally, Kiversal also had the opportunity to take part in the “Pitch the Press” session and present the company to a range of national and international media outlets, such as RNE, LaVoz de Galicia, CompassList and Diario Médico. These specialised media channels discussed IoMT technology and requested an interview with the Kiversal co-founders:

“One of the most significant innovations is the built-in memory in the headphones, which permits the remote calibration of the device without the need for a technician to call on site,” commented CEO José Mª Plana in the Diario Médico journal.

The 4YFN event allowed Kiversal to showcase its technology and project its image on an international level in order to take their place at the forefront of startups in the sector.

We would love to see you between 24-26 de February at 2020 edition of 4YFN.