For many companies, the digitization of their products, services and processes is an issue that remains to be addressed. However, the transformation of medical devices such as digital audiometers, which incorporate information and communication technologies (ICT), is already a reality in the current market.

Innovation in the medical sector with digital audiometers

Audiometric hearing tests evaluate a person’s capacity to hear sounds. This examination is only possible with the use of an audiometer to conduct the test and register the results obtained. Nowadays, most audiometers available in the market are manual and are rarely connected to a patient information management system. Those that are connected are based on the use of a tablet that must be linked to a screenless testing device, making it more expensive. The strict regulations in place regarding health technology make modernizing medical devices a complex matter. Nevertheless, Kiversal has tackled this issue and come up with an innovative solution.


Audixi 10, the first product designed and manufactured by Kiversal to perform and manage automated hearing tests.

Why choose an ICT digital audiometer?

One of the main benefits of digitizing hearing tests is a reduction in costs using ICT solutions that are safer, cheaper and more productive.

ICT solutions also simplify audiometer maintenance: until now, devices needed to be sent to the manufacturer for calibration every 12-24 months, affecting the screening service for a period of 1-2 weeks. An ICT digital audiometer, on the other hand, can incorporate self-calibration systems.

Moreover, automatic hearing tests ensure the exact medical procedure is followed without the need for human intervention. Touchscreen

technology found in commonly-used devices such as smartphones and tablets makes the digital audiometer simple and intuitive to use, as the user interface can be adapted to the strict requirements of this medical procedure.

A further highlight of digital audiometers is that results are obtained in a digital format, which can be easily transferred to other devices that are connected to the internet to allow them to be viewed at any time.

Applying the benefits of technology to medical devices improves the productivity and efficiency of healthcare workers. For this reason, it is advisable that ENT specialists work with devices that perform digital audiometric testing in order to save time and resources while they obtain accurate results.