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Foods that are good for your hearing

As the popular saying goes, “you are what you eat”. It is important to care for our bodies both inside and out, but did you know that your diet can affect your hearing? In this article, we tell you which foods can help to boost your hearing health.

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When do you need to be fitted with a hearing aid?

A hearing aid will only be prescribed following a hearing assessment by an ENT specialist and must be fitted and adapted by a hearing aid specialist. Below we explain the different types of hearing aids currently available on the market and some of the symptoms you need to be watchful for if you think you need to have one fitted.

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What is anacusis or deafness?

A total loss of hearing is known as anacusis or deafness, and can affect one or both ears. Below we explain different types of deafness, their causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

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