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Taking care of your ears during the winter

It is not only important to care for your ears during the summer, but during the winter too: the cold, wind and damp weather make it a risky time of year for our hearing health. Temperatures have already fallen and the cold and flu season is starting again, which increases the risk of suffering ear infections such as otitis.

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Caring for your ears during the summer

Our ears need special care and attention during the summer to protect them from the risk factors encountered at this time of year. During the vacation period, we may take part in water sports, travel on airplanes, go to music festivals or enjoy other activities that may cause hearing impairment.

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6 tips to protect your ears

Our ears perceive the sounds that surround us and are continually exposed to the noise pollution that we ourselves create. Often, we overlook this noise and forget how important it is to look after our hearing health. Have you ever asked yourself what you can do to protect your ears?

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